Posted by Aileen Gilpin on April 1, 2016


60 day check-in. Are you staying on top of your 2016 goals? Sharing your goals with others holds you accountable, if you need someone to share them with please let me know, I’d be happy to listen. (more…)

Posted by Aileen Gilpin on January 31, 2016

Getting Your Books Ready for Tax Season

Accounting for Small Business, especially for any creative person I know may be your biggest stressor. Crunching numbers can get overwhelming. But without the proper preparation and tracking not having the right cash flow can be the difference between you being a thriving business and closing your doors. (more…)

Posted by Aileen Gilpin on January 11, 2016

Is Your Business Ready for 1099s Filing’s: Part 2

With February 1, 2016 approaching, it is time for 1099 filing. There is a need for attention to details and avoidance of possible mistakes as you fill the form 1099. There are penalties for every form that you fail to send out before February 1st ends, with the penalties increasing with each passing day.

In this Part 2 post I want to provide you with:


Posted by Aileen Gilpin on January 1, 2016

Human Resource Check-Up

I find that the beginning of the New Year is the perfect time to do an employee record keeping check-up. With all that you do, setting aside a designated day and time to review processes and documentation may seem a luxury you cannot afford, however, scheduling a regular human resource audit can save you a headaches and penalties as the year progresses. (more…)

Posted by Aileen Gilpin on January 1, 2016

Is Your Business Ready for 1099s Filing’s

In follow up from a post I wrote on Things to Keep in Mind with Independent Contractors, I thought it would be appropriate to write about 1099s because of the time of the year, 1099s are due January 31.

As I mentioned before 1099s are given to those independent contractors that you have conducted business with throughout the year, some of these may include: cleaning service, computer support, repair techs, web designers, virtual assistant, bookkeeper, accountant, attorney, business coach, or any firms that are not on your regular payroll or any other company or worker that you paid for services that is not on your payroll.